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solvtec ® IT EMP- Initial sampling according to PPAP and PPF

solvtec ® IT EMP –  Process support – Effective working

Prepared processes for initial sampling according to PPAP and PPA are available in solvtec ® IT EMP. All sub-sections of PPA (1-24) and PPAP (1-19) have been integrated. Master data such as customer, supplier, item and test equipment are directly interlinked.

All initial samples can be versioned and released using the integrated approval process. The complete history is available and follow-up sampling is simple and fast.

CAD option – Incorporating drawings – Start sampling
The electronic marking of drawings is possible via CAD integration using Elias Infra-CONVERT. There are various options for all regularly used formats (DXF, DWG, IGES, PDFD, JPG, TIFF etc.). This means that CAD drawings can be directly opened and analyzed. Dimensions and tolerances are taken directly from the drawing. The drawings are marked electronically and the characteristics are immediately available for sampling.

70% Time savings
The use of electronic marking and the available interfaces can save up to 70% of the time taken to produce initial samples. The colleagues can concentrate on important tasks and the error rate sinks noticeably.

Transfer of test results – Reading data directly from the measuring instrument (3D integration).
Measuring results can be clearly and simply visualized in solvtec ® IT EMP. The measured values themselves are available in a flexible structure. Cavities for example can be defined as required. The integration interface allows simple transfer of test results from existing measuring equipment.

Reporting – Generating initial sample inspection reports without additional work
Reports are directly generated using the existing reporting tool. All standard PPA and PPAP forms are included. Also included is the direct generation of PDF files and integrated functions such as transfer of documents to your mail client.

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