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CAQ Defintion

What is a CAQ system?

CAQ stands for Computer Aided Quality Assurance. This refers to a system that organizes, controls and documents quality-relevant processes. Growing from the core functions of “planning, testing, evaluating”, industrial digitalization has developed into an instrument for comprehensive process planning over the last few decades.

From process analysis to FMEA to production control planning and the final test data collection in production, a modern CAQ system offers much more. Tools for complaint recording, audits, key figure management as well as the control and monitoring of measures and tasks close the control loops in quality management.

In addition, there is the management of machines, tools and testing equipment as well as the digital stamping of drawings for the initial sample test report.

Why is a CAQ system useful?

Due to normative requirements, a CAQ system has become an integral part of modern industry. Every industry has its own requirements, be it automotive, food, medicine, aviation, drive technology, electronics…

CAQ software enables you to fully document quality issues, adapt existing processes, access internal know-how and continually develop them further. In addition, you can access the quality metrics in real time.

All in all, a CAQ system increases efficiency in your company, saves resources and creates security and transparency in your quality assurance.

What should you consider when choosing a CAQ provider?

Integrating a CAQ system in a company is a challenging task. Theory is not always the same as practice! Every company has its own individual processes and procedures, which result in specific requirements for the CAQ system. This makes it all the more important to choose a strong and flexible partner who is willing and able to respond to your individual needs.

When choosing your CAQ provider, in addition to the software’s functionality, personal project support is also crucial. solvtec takes your specific circumstances into account and accompanies you on the way to a consistently integrated QM system. Our development and corporate philosophy enables us to implement tailor-made solutions for you in a practical manner.

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solvtec offers a highly integrated and powerfull tool for process and quality management as well as the necessary longterm know-how in the form of their “solvtec CAQ”.

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