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solvtec ® IT KEN (Indicator Management)

solvtec ® IT KEN provides wide-ranging functions to assist production of management reports. These can be monthly, quarterly or annual reports. All information can be made available in real-time at the push of a button as required.

The information in KEN is real-time. Preparation time for writing reports is reduced to a minimum. Important decisions can be based on founded, reproducible base data.

Choice of evaluation period
The evaluation period can be chosen with a click in KEN. Thus it is possible to produce an annual report or an overview of several years from quarterly reports. Vice-versa, it is also possible to view smaller periods taken from an overall context.

Flexibility in form and color – Indicators made transparent
Wide-ranging graphical functions are integrated into KEN. Extensive manual corrections to reports using Office tools become a thing of the past. All report results are calculated and compressed online. This ensures up-to-date information at all times.

Reporting and e-mail connections
A wide-ranging reporting system is also integrated into KEN. Thus reports can be printed as hardcopy or exported in PDF format. The integration of your e-mail client allows reports to be immediately distributed to the correct group of people.

Control circles reaching management – holistic approach
Last but not least, KEN has the functions to complete control circles to and from management. An appropriate to-do management which controls activities relevant to indicators is also integrated into KEN. The integration into Improvement Management (VBM) ensures that the correct people are informed about activities and that feedback and results can be visualized in the next management meeting. Corrective action at the very top.

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