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solvtec MAN

Practical questions – Answers in solvtec CAQ

The solvtec Management module gives you answers to many practical questions arising from daily work. These answers can be found immediately without a long search.

  • Where was a particular material batch or serial number used or inspected?
  • What scrap costs were involved in which products?
  • Where did we have major defects last year?
  • Which test and measuring equipment was used for which product and contract?
  • Which complaints cost us how much?
  • Which suppliers sent us a particular product reliably?

solvtec ® CAQ MAN –  Simple to use – Clear in result.

solvtec-CAQ Management Traceability (MTR)
The module to ensure traceability for example of serial numbers or batch numbers over the whole process chain.

solvtec CAQ Management scrap (MAU)
The component for recording and evaluation of scrap data. The reason for the defect or error is clearly represented and the cost driver easily found.

solvtec CAQ Management defect (MFE)
Defects or errors can be evaluated over all products and according to diverse criteria compressed.

solvtec CAQ Management useage (MV)
The useage of test equipment and characteristics can be analysed over all test plans or contracts. As necessary, for example when a problem occurs the required test equipment can be quickly found.

solvtec CAQ Management supplier evaluation (LB)
Suppliers can be clearly and traceably evaluated and the results communicated. Q-T-M-S stands for Quality – Scheduling – Quantity – Subjective criteria.

solvtec CAQ Management deviation evaluation (MABW)
Fast and effective evaluation of deviations and their related costs.
Lieferanten – Kunden – Artikel – Fehler – Ursachen – Maßnahmen – Alle Kosten im Überblick.

Discover Quality Management of the future

We will gladly advise you on all subjects connected to process and quality management. Try out our CAQ-software and see for yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask us. Simply tell us what you want!