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solvtec ® IT PP
Test Planning

Fast and efficient generation of test plans

solvtec ® IT PP offers you all test planning functions. Test plans are produced, maintained and versioned in the most efficient form. PP offers practice-orientated functions which drastically reduce the planning effort. Modern tools such as solvtec ® IT Module Manager will help you to produce modular and flexible test plans.

Documentation, versioning and approval of test plans
The test planning process incorporates an integrated version administration system. It is possible to recall any versions from the database using the name of the originator and change details.

V Check – See changes immediately and with certainty
V check is the automatic visualization of changes. Important details in new versions are immediately apparent when using the integrated version check function (V Check). This actively helps the test planer with change management.

Inclusion of documents, pictures and drawings
It is possible to link to drawings at all levels. As many documents as are necessary can be added to test plans and operations right down to individual test steps. All personnel involved in the process receive up-to-date documents and pictures with the help of the integrated functions for document control in solvtec CAQ at their test site.

CAD integration – Test plans from drawings – Minimal effort
Test plans can be generated directly from CAD drawings using the CAD integration option via Elias Infra-CONVERT. Production of new test plans using this option is dead easy. All regular formats (DXF, DWG, IGES, PDFD, JPG, TIFF etc.) are available as options. The relevant part of the drawing is incorporated into the test plan. The inspector receives this information later in an optimized form delivered to the Test Site (PPO).

Integrated reporting
Test plans can obviously be exported at any time. The integrated reporting function generates the required documents per mouse click. This happens electronically e.g. as a PDF file or on paper as a hard copy.

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