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solvtec ® IT PMV- Test equipment administration and checking

Summary of all test equipment

solvtec ® IT PMV contains all functions necessary to effectively maintain and control your test equipment. The summary enables you to produce simple and flexible test equipment lists. The user can search for test equipment quickly and efficiently using the filter function. All details concerning test equipment is available at the touch of a button.

Time scheduling and maintenance lists
Maintenance and calibration dates are always transparent with the help of a traffic light function. Maintenance lists according to your criteria can be quickly provided or forwarded.

Test equipment details
Test equipment details can be found in the software in a compact and well arranged form. This is also where the necessary settings for maintenance cycles are defined. Further fields can be configured according to your individual requirements.

Test equipment documents and pictures
Documents and pictures for each piece of test equipment can be directly archived as required. This is possible at various levels.

Summary of all performed maintenance work and calibrations
All calibrations performed on test equipment including details of entries are available in the history. As many documents as are necessary can be stored in the maintenance entry.

Measurement Systems Analysis (Optional module)
The optional module “MSA” can be started directly from the test equipment administration. The chosen method is defined during determination of the maintenance date. Various methods (Capability, Gage R&R etc.) are integrated into the module.

Checking test equipment / 2618 (Optional module)
Suitability and control checks can be performed quickly and effectively using the “Checking test equipment / 2618” option. The integrated planning module allows production of your own test procedures for your test equipment. Furthermore, the integrated test module allows fast and elegant performance of suitability and control checks.

Transfer of results into maintenance control
The results of MSA or the checks according to 2618 are transferred directly into the maintenance history. Details about the tests performed and analysis can be called up from the system at any time.

All evaluation, control lists and master data can be forwarded in electronic form and as printouts. Successful integration of e-mails rounds off the package.

Integration in CAQ
Current test equipment data is available when and where needed as a result of integration of the test equipment administration in solvtec-CAQ. Both in test planning and in test sites – each subprocess is activly supported.

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