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The CAQ system for the drive technology

solvtec CAQ drive technology

The right technology for the right drive - with the right software

With “solvtec CAQ drive technology”, we offer a modular CAQ system that is specifically tailored to the needs of drive technology companies.

This package is the suitable software solution for quality management in your company. When introducing solvtec CAQ in your company, you can rely on constructive cooperation. Our team supports you continuously in the CAQ project and works with you to develop the right answers and solutions for your drive technology challenges.

Like this, the start or changeover to a cost-saving and highly efficient quality management will go smoothly. The added value for the user is immediately tangable independently of the size of the company.

The amount of planning will be reduced and the functions integrated into the system will actively help the optimization of the processes as well as fulfilling requirements of the standard.

Drive technology – Particularly multifaceted and challenging

Always good quality with solvtec CAQ for drive technology

Drive technology is an important technical discipline for mechanical engineering.
No matter whether manual, mechanical, electrical or electromechanical drive technology – the quality has to be right! We help your company facilitate you compliance normative requirements in this industry with the right CAQ software.

what our customers say

Mr. H. Enders – ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH

Manufacturer of system solutions in the field of drive technology consisting of motors and gearboxes

“[..] ABM has been using SOLVTEC CAQ in the area of ​​mechanical and electromechanical production at various locations since 2013. The system is able to optimally map the processes for both small and medium -sized and larger quantities. The connection to our ERP system (SAP) and also to the interfaces to the infrastructure of the measurement technology is smooth. Solvtec support is very quick, uncomplicated and competent. Solvtec also provides comprehensive and targeted support for special tasks. The collaboration is always constructive and open to our ideas. [..]”

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System- und Workflow Manager (SWM)

The ideal tool to transform your APQP into an actively controlled process. SWM takes on the function of combining all relevant sub-processes in one interface. All associated Quality-Control-Loops are controlled by active links from SWM. In order to further optimize the process, SWM automatically generates corresponding APQP status lists and also the APQP timing plan.

Audit management

Efficient and secure planning, execution, tracking and evaluation of your audits

solvtec Audit supports the different types of process, product, system and shipping audits. In addition to the standard audit, it is possible to differentiate individual audits.

Audits according to VDA or your own questionnaires can be found in the system according to your needs.

MAN – Management evaluations

Powerful comprehensive evaluations:

  • Committee
  • Traceability
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Deviation
  • Use of testing equipment and characteristics
  • Defect

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