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The CAQ systen for the electronics

solvtec CAQ electronic

Your circuits, our expertise - so that no fuses blow!

With “solvtec CAQ electronic” you get a modular CAQ system that is specifically tailored to the needs of the electronics industry.

In this package, solvtec supplies the appropriate QM software and the necessary knowledge to optimally use the system. This is completed by the data package already included in the basic system.

Like this, the start or changeover to a cost-saving and highly efficient quality management will go smoothly. The added value for the user is immediately tangable independently of the size of the company.

The amount of planning will be reduced and the functions integrated into the system will actively help the optimization of the processes as well as fulfilling requirements of the standard.

The special thing in the electronics industry

Why solvtec CAQ electronic is perfect for you

As an electronics manufacturer, you have special requirements for a CAQ system. solvtec CAQ Elektronik meets these practical requirements in a special way.
We offer you the perfectly coordinated system that facilitate you compliance common standards, such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001, EN 9100 or ISO 13485.

Our software combines the necessary theory and well-founded, practical experience. This makes it a helpful companion in practice, saving you time, making process and quality management easier, and increasing your efficiency.

Process focused

Efficient, continuous control and monitoring of processes enables consistent product quality

Complaint management

Customer complaints, supplier complaints and improvement processes (CIPs) are recorded here and processed securely. 8D reports are available at button press.

Supplier evaluation

Suppliers can be clearly and traceably evaluated and the results communicated. Q-T-M-S stands for Quality – Scheduling – Quantity – Subjective criteria.


​Complete tracking of products, batches, serial numbers or individual characteristics – flexible and fast searches with clear demarcation.

what our customers say

Hr. M. Vierling – VIERLING Production GmbH

Development and production of electronic assemblies and devices

The CAQ from solvtec Informationstechnologie GmbH plays a decisive role in our quality management strategy [..] and has proven to be an indispensable tool for meeting our demanding requirements for high product and process quality. The practical software allows us to continuously optimize our quality processes and ensure that all products can be manufactured to a high quality. The system helps us to ensure a smooth process and at the same time maintain the highest quality standards – also in the interests of our customers.

The always competent and courteous support from solvtec helped us find solutions for our requirements. The partnership with solvtec has proven to be resilient and trustworthy and we look forward to further collaboration.”

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System- und Workflow Manager (SWM)

The ideal tool to transform your APQP into an actively controlled process. SWM takes on the function of combining all relevant sub-processes in one interface. All associated Quality-Control-Loops are controlled by active links from SWM. In order to further optimize the process, SWM automatically generates corresponding APQP status lists and also the APQP timing plan.

Audit management

Efficient and secure planning, execution, tracking and evaluation of your audits

solvtec Audit supports the different types of process, product, system and shipping audits. In addition to the standard audit, it is possible to differentiate individual audits.

Audits according to VDA or your own questionnaires can be found in the system according to your needs.

MAN – Management evaluations

Powerful comprehensive evaluations:

  • Committee
  • Traceability
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Deviation
  • Use of testing equipment and characteristics
  • Defect

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