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solvtec ® IT Complaint management

You will have your deviations and complaints under control with ABW

The software module solvtec ® IT ABW allows efficient organization of deviations, complaints and improvement processes. Customer and supplier complaints as well as improvement processes can be logged and processed here.

Clear handling – All essential information at hand
The integrated toolbar is used for handling. Header data is clearly sub-divided into basic data, contract data, and additional information. Furthermore, all applicable documents can be attached here. All important information from various areas of your company has already been integrated. Customer and supplier data as well as contract and product data are available at the touch of a button.

Errors – Causes – Actions – The dynamic knowledge base of your company
All connections between errors, causes of errors and actions are displayed in the error summary. Information which will later appear in the 8D report is immediately highlighted as applicable. Every event increases the knowledge base of the database which is always at your disposal.

Define actions and distribute them to the responsible persons
Components of the control of actions include time scheduling and follow up as well as considering the responsibilities, the applicability and the success and necessary effort (material and time) involved. Further, the evaluation of actions performed is possible. Additionally, documents which help to clarify the actions can be directly included.

Integration of ABW in the whole CAQ system – Team thinking
The avoidance of repeated errors must be ensured. This is achieved by integrating ABW in further processes (SWM, FMEA, CP, PP, VBM etc.). The inclusion of the software modules FMEA and CP (Control Plan) allows the direct and, most importantly, active linking of the information into existing FMEAs and control plans. The software modules interact directly with each other. Not only does this fulfill formal requirements, but it assists your whole team with optimal processing of deviations and their resulting actions. All actions are followed up and clearly controlled in Improvement Management (VBM).

Indicators are immediately available
All important indicators e.g. about errors, causes and actions, are directly logged with the complaint. These figures can be evaluated in Improvement Management (VBM) and in condensed form in Indicator Management (KEN). The indicators are always available without the need for manual correction.

Generate 8D reports directly – E-mail connection
8D reports can be quickly and flexibly generated using the Reporting option. All important information concerning the deviation can be found transparently and clearly on a single page. The integrated linking to your e-mail client helps you to communicate the important information quickly and securely to the correct persons.

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