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solvtec ® IT Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

FMEA with database – Active APQP – SWM, FMEA, CP, PP

The software module solvtec ® IT FMEA has powerful and simple to use functions which will help you to generate, maintain and manage FMEAs effectively. All the necessary information comes from your CAQ database. Although solvtec FMEA can be used alone, it really comes into its own when used together with further CAQ elements. Together with the System and Workflow Manager (SWM), all relevant information concerning processes, functions and errors are predetermined with a mouse click. You can concentrate on the major issues without unnecessary ballast.

An important aspect when generating FMEAs is the use of available master data. Existing error catalogues, causes and effects, action plans (to-do’s), item data and further documents can be directly integrated. Like this, writing FMEAs is optimally assisted and users are led towards clear and transparent solutions for their individual problems. It is possible, in the sense of continous improvement, to differentiate between existing and further recommended actions.

Database searches – Using available knowledge
Solvtec FMEA supports you with an efficient search function in the database. Thus, in-house knowledge is made readily available. Correlations can be quickly found and incorporated using the powerful database which is behind the FMEA.

Make risks clearly visible.
The well structured overview shows the corelations between errors, causes, effects and actions. The viewed display is what will be seen in the FMEA form. The risk assessment (severity, occurrence, detection) and the resulting calculation and control of the RPN are directly integrated here. Elements with the greatest risk are moved upwards and clearly marked. Together with SWM, risks are directly incorporated into the process tree and visualized accordingly.

Define actions – Define dates and responsibilities
Clear allocation to existing master data including detailed descriptions can be made within the actions. Dates and responsibilities are also clearly defined here.

Feedback – Follow up actions – Document results and effort
Time schedule follow up and assessment of the effectiveness and effort (material and time) are constituent parts of the control of actions. As before, the evaluation of the actions performed is an important part of feedback. Additionally, documents can be integrated into the actions or feedback.

Simple production of action plans – Control of actions
The following up of defined actions is an important instrument for ensuring the success of your projects. Distribution of the action plans to the relevant people and their timely execution is achieved by the integration in Improvement Management (VBM). VBM includes functions to flexibly generate to-do lists and/or action plans.

Major points of solvtec ® IT FMEA

  • Generation, maintenance and administration of product, process and design FMEAs
  • Direct integration of master data (Item, error, cause, actions etc.)
  • Complete status control with approval function and interlocking
  • Definition of responsibilities and documentation of the FMEA team
  • Automatic change control (V check) of all details at all levels
  • Complete change documentation using V check
  • Effective generation with fully integrated Module Manager (FMEA modules)
  • Perfect coordination with solvtec SWM to produce the basic structure for your FMEA
  • Well arranged display of the complete FMEA in trees, lists and reports
  • Synchronous maintenance of the FMEA in lists and trees
  • Clear graphical representation (GFMEA)
  • Direct working with the graphical view
  • Interface to SWM – Integrated workflow (SWM – FMEA – CP – PP – ABW)
  • Use of standard forms (FMEA, action plan)
  • Inclusion of further documents
  • Documentation of actions
  • Follow up of actions
  • Recording of effort
  • Control of results

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